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im sellin her after a short relationship, i got my eye on something else right now

the good:
  • low miles 76000 original miles
  • just tuned up (spark plugs/wires, fuel filter, air filter, pcv valve, oil change, brakes)
  • its clean as hell inside and out
the bad:
  • opti goin bad (hesitating an shutting off when i start to slow down, but starts right back up and drives %100 til u let off the gas again)
  • has dings on passenger rear door (pics comin soon)
  • both rear windows off track
  • has key scratch on trunk lid (pics comin soon)
  • rear bumber has sun dried paint(comin soon)
  • key default light is on
im askin 7000obo, im located in philly if interested my name is ray
more pics are comin thats the only one i have uploaded right now

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