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95 Impala @Mosport road course

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Here is a little video shot by my friends phone while riding shotgun around the Mosport road course aka as CTMP up in Ontario, Canada.

The fast white 9c1 you see in the video belongs to Brian C. forum member Chicagoareabmx.
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HUGE THANKS to Mr. Choo for planting the Mosport dream and inviting me up to run with his club! What a wild ride! Killer elevation changes! We definitely made some memories! :grin2::grin2::grin2:

I'm very happy I did not have any issues as I drove the car 7 hours each way to the track and then back to PA.

180k+ on the original bone stock iron head LT1. Currently leaking everything, everywhere, haha. Just CAI, long tubes, cat delete and 2.5" exhaust that dumps before the axle. PCMforLess 93 octane tune.
Mostly gutted interior and other weight reductions have the car down around 3700 with a full tank of fuel, no driver. 3900lbs with me in it.

I need to overlay and upload the rest of my sessions from this day, right now I just have this one:

Sorry for the shaky video. My camera mount is full of bad vibes lately!
Chasin g Choo around Mosport!

I finally got around to overlaying one of the other videos where I'm chasing Choo for quite a few laps. I really need to figure out a less shaky camera/phone mount! I'm planning on making a trip to run Road Atlanta with my pals at Precision Track Time on Feb 9th 2017. 8 hours open track! Any takers??

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