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Good grief... looks like the last time I checked in here was 2015. Hope you are all dandy and doing well.

Time to sell the SS. Hate to, but gotta.

96 BBB
148,xxx miles
Intrax springs, Bilstein shocks
recent suspension bushings
recent tie rod ends and ball joints
new tailpipes on a Dynomax dual 2.5"
PCMforless tune (87 octane, additional shift firmness)
recent timing chain, opti, water pump, plugs/wires, A/C kit, (blows cold) oil pan gasket... the oil pan gasket was leaking and it needed an opti, so I figured if I'm that far into it, might as well do a Cloyes Roller.
recent trans fluid and filter at 125k
5000 miles on 4.10s (with Bob's reluctor) and a torsen-style posi
good Kumho ASX tires
prop valve mod
SLP intake
new starter
fresh emissions and safety inspection today. Passed with flying colors (except they didn't like my missing tailpipes now that I'm back in PA, hence the new tailpipes)
Dual pass/driver power seats
Factory radio included. Currently out because I scavenged my Kenwood for use in another vehicle.

During most of my ownership, my job was managing repair shops, so whatever maintenance/repair was needed, I did it myself and did it right (and right away). Mechanically it is fantastic. Cosmetically... um... see below.

All the not perfect stuff:
Front seats worn/torn, but rear seat great
crack in dash
Dents in fender and door from a fender bender, but I have original GM fender and door to replace it from a tan Caprice (no wood)
Cruise control inop. Wires at the base of the TS stalk are frayed so I'm assuming that's the issue
Turn signals work fine, but the right turn signal won't cancel itself with steering. Likely the little tang on the switch is broken off. New switch will be needed to fix.
Body rust minimal. Frame shows some crusties, but zero compromised/weak spots.
Spoiler coming off
One of the belt pulleys has a squeak
typical driver's side manifold bolt head broken
blower motor resistor fried so it only blows on high

SHORT VERSION: Runs great, looks a bit rough.


Also available is a fully GM-converted TNET 1247 Viper T56. Zero miles. Purchased new from a Mopar parts counter and converted by Inland Driveline in Irvine CA. Never had fluid in it. With GM bellhousing. Comes with Mustang billet short throw shifter if you want it. You can imagine how much I invested, never got around to the conversion.

Also the car comes with a couple boxes full of little tidbits and parts from my garage attic: headlight buckets, maybe some power door lock actuators, etc. Random SS stuff that can clog up your garage instead of mine.

Please note in the pictures, this is fresh after a bath so some of the paint might still be wet. Paint is ok with some dings and scratches, but it could use a light polish and wax.

****I'm taking offers on the car, the T56, or BOTH.**** Questions here, PM offers.

It is inspected, registered, and insured. It is located in Harrisburg, PA and available for test drives.


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