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From reading the previous post about the wagon vs the ricer, I was wondering this.

What would the outcome be if a stock V8 powered, '98 Ford Mustang w/ a stick, were to run with a stock, '96 Buick Roadie Wagon with a 2.93 rear.

I'm thinking the wagon would not fair too well?

Just curious, went to one of the sites w/ 1/4 miles times but it listed the '98 Cobra SVT I think, and I'm not referring to the Cobra.

I took on a 2003 Auto Equiped Ford Mustang once while we were rolling from 45mph and he couldn't pass me. We never got over 85mph, but it frustrated the hell out of him.



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Don't think you're going to fair to well against a 98 mustang. IIRC the 96-98 SOHC 4.6L mustangs were the slowest of them all, but I'm not sure. I waxed a 96 m5 all the way to my 108 limiter when my car was stock with just replaced mufflers.

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