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I have an itchy feeling as I get every three years so this 20th (in sequence) or so collector car is for sale here first before Ebay, etc. I really don't know the appropriate price. All original paint including pin stripes. I would say it is about 75% as shiny as factory. Detailed to the max. Everything works great but there is a "pass key" light on. 116K miles. Prior owner and I have replaced just about everything except basic drivetrain. No leaks, no oil burning, power seems right but have not done a full throttle test. I paid 4K plus shipping. I do 40 mile trips about every two weeks so it gets exercise. One trip about 800 miles without incident. My garage is heated/cooled.

Ii did have rust. I have wire brushed whole bottom and did the rust converter/rust preventer/ paint process where rust appeared. Two small 8 sq in fiberglass patches in back seat foot pans and one 15 sq in in spare wheel well, then Flexsealed. Wheel arch liners same, each from 10 to 20 square inches. One none.

If you don't like the wood floor, I have the original third seat and can install it. Also, the roof racks. This is the Limited so the power lumbar on both seats, etc. But no CD. Why? Don't know. Trailer package but no hitch ever installed. Original manual and brochure. This car has such visual presence in person that it's a bit overwhelming at first. I would be glad to talk with y'all but don't want to post phone here so respond via Forum initially. I am in Savannah. Photos were attempted but I got a message that "security tag is missing, inform administrator"


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