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Anyone know where i can get a full Impala Interior (door panels, carpet, seat, headliner) and what i would you to change the color of my dash to the same grey

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I think I pass thru South Bend, IN when I drive home from Ames, Iowa to DC. Anyways, I changed my interior from 94 Caprice 9C1 (ex-Iowa State Patrol cruiser) tan to 94-95 Impala SS grey. Supposedly the 96 Impala SS grey has a purple tint on some pieces, but I can't confirm that.


I got most of my parts on eBay for decent prices (it was winter: people hate pulling/selling parts Nov-Feb). Now that's it's hot outside, the prices have soared. Here's my partial tally:

- door panels (complete with all armests, swtiches, ashtrays, and trim) $650 - I ended the auction w/ Buy-It-Now, otherwise these go for $1000+
- Interior trim set + seatbelts + reardeck: $400 - Fparts always has these in stock, but they overcharge on shipping
- Carpet: $30 - I got lucky, I've lost on plenty of auctions where the final price was $300+
- Headliner: replace it yourself, cost of material: $25 for fabric, $15 for the glue (search for 1081 Spray Trim adhessive, find the cheapest price, buy 2cans - you'll only need one).
- Headliner visors with lighted mirrors - you gotta look around; expect to pay at least $25 - $50
- Complete seat set: auctions usually start at $599, ends somewhere around $1000+shipping (ouch)
- Center console: usually starts around $199, if you get lucky you can outbid everyone and get a good price (well under $300shipped)

Most of those prices didn't include shipping, but I hope you get the idea. There are a few items I didn't mention, because I "cut side deals" with ebayers looking to get alot of SS merchandise out of their possession quickly & cheaply: Leather steering wheel, airbag, 3rd brake light, rear passenger reading lights + harness, glovebox, dashpad, lower dash (left and right side), lower dash ashtray, twilight sentinel (module and harness) + twilight sentinel mirror + T/S headlight switch with coinholder, and fuse cover panel.

Also, I added some personal touches to my car. I didn't want a clone, just a Light Driftwood Metallic Caprice 9C1 [that looks like it could still be in service] with a luxurious interior... so I used seats and center console out of a 94 Cadillac Seville SLS/STS. It wasn't a plug-n-play affair, but they weren't any harder to install/wire than bonne seats

Last point, I had a couple of pieces profeesionally dyed due to eBay mishaps and personal taste. My dashpad arrived broken due to poor packaging/labeling. I had my original dashpad redyed using the broken SS pad as a reference. Also, I had my original left A-pillar trim piece dyed (again using the SS piece as reference) in order to keep my fully functional spotlight. I still need to dye my steerin column.

Hope this helps.

Sorry the length,

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