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Well, it's been an awesome ride but I believe the time has come to sell the ol' girl. I haven't had time to work on my wagon anymore and she just sits in the driveway. Unfortunately, she isn't as pretty as she used to be. I put a lot of work into her. The Good:
Caddy tail lights
2.5" catback w/flowmaster 40's, X-pipe, & 911 tips
Ram Air hood/intake
Smooth front bumper
Rear roll pan
Rear wiper delete
Custom SS grill
Innovative Wiring Electric fan conversion
Hotchkis rear sway bar
Eagle 20's
12 way Bonnies
Intrax springs
Front suspension completely rebuilt
Graphite bushings up front
Optima Yellow
Floor shifter conversion in work. Have everything to complete
Innovative Wiring Battery Cables
Tires and brakes have less that 3k miles

The Bad:
The AC compressor is new but the system wont hold a charge. I was going to replace all the seals but don't have time.

The body and paint aren't perfect anymore. The hood scoop has cracking around the edges.The taillight panels are starting to crack on the edges as well. This was a daily driver for awhile so there are some scratches and dings. The "Sail Panels" have sailed away again.

The inner door panels are cracked, especially the drivers side which I would have rather replaced but i'm sure you know that's easier said than done. The plan was to redo the interior which I never got around to so the carpet is a bit shabby. It might clean up but it might not.

I'm sure i'm missing a few things, probably a lot of things actually. I don't really want to get rid of her but it kills me watch her sit and go to ****. Ideally, she would go to one of the wagon family here and cleaned up and finished. At any rate, there's been so much done to her that whoever buys her, won't get hurt on the deal. Work in progress and parts for planned work go with her. I have a self made Z-28 cluster that works but needs a new face. I also have a TA high effort steering box, tranny core, TransGo shift kit with Corvette servo, and spare intake manifold. I know there's quite bit more in the garage but it's been awhile. I expect to find more as I dig. I'm asking $3,500. I'll post current pics tomorrow for those that are interested.

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You should post it in the FS section of the wagon forum, though to quote Homer Simpson: "a man with lots of ivory is less likely to hurt Stampy than a man whose ivory supply is low."

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Nice, I sold mine awhile back and wished I hadn't.
I am in the market, but only just starting to look, as I gotta pay some bills and make some more money before I get one again.
This time around it will be a 96 or nothing.
GLWS and if you still have it when I can buy, guessin around 6 months, I will shoot up to NC and have a look/drive see.
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