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Done business with a few very pleasant folks here lately, and I'd like to thank 'em publicly, and all at once. Feel safe doing business with any of the guys listed here, they all treated me with respect and know how to complete a painless transaction.

Bought a used trunk emblem from Jason (96DCMSS) here, and it was exactly as described, right down to a tiny flaw in the coating that I wouldn't have noticed if it weren't pointed out. Extremely fast shipping, as well! Hoping to do business with this gentleman again soon.

npdheat sent me a free set of LCA's that he no longer needed, which had high-performance bushings installed. Awesome to see someone looking to be helpful, and the man can pack control arms with considerable talent. Thanks Adam!

Charlie Costello purchased my '95 center console, and did it quick! Excellent communication, very polite, and quick to make payment.
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