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I purchased a rust free 96 9c1 to replace my old rusted out 9c1, that I have used as my winter car forever.

:Side note on the old car the electric fans never worked unless I unhooked the Temp sending unit on the front of the motor, this would trick the car into thinking it was way to hot and the fans would turn on. The only time I ever unhooked the temp sender was when I would get stuck in the ditch or something like that, other than that I would keep an eye on the temp, and when It was warming up/ in traffic/ or just driving the temp remained cool:

My new 9c1 caprice someone had hacked up in the wiring several different areas.
Someone cut all the o2 sensors on the exhaust flush off leaving no wires exposed instead of just unhooking them at the clips.
They cut a bunch of vacuum lines that I have for the most part hooked back up.
The original temp sender was replaced and wired to the fans due to what i can only assume was non working fans. (like on my other 96)
The original factory harness was cut where the wiring splits off to connect to the fans.
Even after all of this the cars runs fine, I don't seem to be getting poor mpgs the hack job new cooling fan deal does work, but the car has a prolonged start, I would say at least 7 seconds or more, then it fires. I believed this to be because the temp sender is not hooked up, so I purchased the original temp sender hooked it up, and it still started the same.

I am in the process of hooking the fans back up to the factory harness and fixing the problem correctly, but before I do so, I want to know why the car has the long long start.
I have replaced:
The positive battery cable to the starter
The plugs and wires
The complete opti unit
and the car has good fuel pressure.
My question:
Does this starting problem have anything to do with all the 02 sensors being cut?
Why even with the temp sender hooked up correctly does is still start poorly, do the fans also have to be hooked up?
Is it possible that something else being unhooked could create this problem?
The previous owner also said he put bigger injectors in the car, would this create any problem?

The previous owner did me no favors on this one, any incite would be helpful

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