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I just had my nephew do a ton of maintenance on my 138,000 Roadmaster. I encouraged him to keep it a few days and drive it to work just to let him get a feel for any other needed service.
He called me the second day- no start.

He tested the systems and found spark at the coil and no spark at the plugs. I told him I had seen some negative comments on ignition rotors here. A new cap and rotor; and it fired right up.

Funny how things just happen by coincidence. He made all new brake lines, put on new mufflers, O2 sensors, belts, fuel filter, rear end fluid changed, and probably other stuff I forget. Then Poof! the rotor screws up. I already had a new water pump on the shelf.

I had been looking for a replacement car for about a year. Nothing rang the bell except the Pontiac G8 GT. I figured a $4,000 budget for my Roadmaster would make me a car I would be most happy with. We still have $3,000 or so in the kitty. I'm happy.
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