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A 75,000 mile V4P has taken a bath ...

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Fellow ISSF members,

@Caddyshack95 has suffered a force majeure event: his home was flooded under 4 feet of water.

Among worse things, his '95 Fleetwood V4P has taken a bath.
According to him, the water did not reach the bottom of the seat cushions.

The water only got up to the floorboards, but not quite up to the seat cushions.
The insurance company - Grange - has totaled it.
Grange has not yet stated the valuation, which he fears will be drastically underestimated, given that it's a V4P.

How does he fight the valuation if Grange underestimates?
Since it's likely Grange will underestimate the value of the car, how does he go about fighting the undervaluation?
How does he go about keeping the V4P?

Oh - how many '95 V4P were produced?

Any advice regarding the above, or any other advice or assistance of any kind would be most appreciated.
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For a count of V4P production I've heard such info on the Cadillac Forum being available from something called compnine
Will read and respond to the rest of the stuff soon. Dealing with a lot at the same time.

regarding compnine, last I was on there, it was subscription only, which I don’t have.
Can anyone elaborate or post the hard data? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a concrete number, just speculation.
The 91 was totaled twice from being hit by other drivers. Their insurance companies handed over the check and had zero interest in getting the car. Just more cost for them to deal with.
I’m going to be forced to buy it back if that’s the way I want to go. No free lunch here.

@Caddyshack95 -- truly sorry to read here about your bad fortune.

I don't have hard data for 1995 (or 1996, and I've looked far and wide for them), but the actual figure for 1994 was posted on the CF by @FleetwoodAddict here:

In 1994, a mere 713 Fleetwood/FWB came with the V4P Trailering Package with 3.42 axle, out of 27,473 produced. That is less than 3%.

Note that an additional 904 FW/FWB came equipped with the (less desirable, IMHO) V92 package with 2.93 axle in 1994. The total with either TP was thus 1,617/27,473 = 5.9%.

PS: I doubt that the numbers are much higher for 1995, as the info for 1993 shows 2,505 FW/FWB (out of a total of 31,777 produced) had the V4P package. AFAIK, there was no V92 package for 1993 (mentioning this just in case your adjuster mentions the 2,505 figures). So that's 6.9% of the 1993s with the TP. See here:

Thank you so so much! So at that rate, at 2.59% V4P of 16k 1995 cars, that’s 419 tow pack cars ever made.

Mine is a base model, no hard top, even more desirable.
There are probably only 100 or less tow pack cars from that year even in existence.

How would I go about valuing the tow pack cars since there are NONE for sale?

PPS: it took me 11 months to find a V4P in very good mechanical and cosmetic condition that was not priced "crazily" -- I saw a few excellent ones in the $20k+ range, mine was quite a bit less. Happy to share via PM if you need that info, even if I doubt that your adjuster will be interested in hearing it.
Thank you. I’ll try and get in touch. Very busy trying to crunch numbers.

I remember you took a long time trying to find yours!

I will post what I told Kevin privately...

You can easily appeal their offer on an informal basis by just showing them receipts and linking them to similar vehicles that have sold.

When my B4U was totaled, I was able to get partial reimbursement for parts that I didn't have receipts for. So, don't be so pessimistic, this could still go well for you.
I wasn’t thinking about parts with no receipts which would be the headers I bought from you
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Haha, yep, you beat me to it.
@95wagon I agree about rarity, but at this point it's also about valuation. Their "comps" are tow pack cars so we're not on a 1:1 basis here.

I need tow packs to support my valuation (hoping it's huge). It's all the insurance game and I am trying to play their card against them.

ALSO! They are claiming that a comp MUST be a '95 or '96. They won't allow me to use a '94 model.... Claim that they can't adjust the price for a one year older car. Does this sound bogus to you?

You are welcome! Lack of vinyl top is more desirable to me too, but I would respectfully beg to differ on the base model's being more valuable. To me at least, the seats are less comfortable and the wheels are not as nice.

As for there being none for sale, I tried to keep track of all FB/CL postings and all eBay auctions while I was hunting. Happy to share the info with you if you are interested--as mentioned, just PM me if that info is helpful.
I know what you mean on seats, but the Brougham vinyl delete was like hen's teeth.

Regarding the OEM rims, those are cheap and easy to replace if one desired to have the Brougham look. I have different rims (Chevy Tahoe limited) on mine, so it's a moot point, but a good one.

The base model was super rare as an option as the Brougham is what most people bought (again making my car more rare).
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Will do... Yes, they obviously did not account for it. That's where I am going to hammer them. I found a few V4P cars and they are not cheap. I will use that as leverage.

They are insisting I will have to pay value for scrap. Saying it'll be $1k to have the salvage of it and keep the car myself.

Frustrating how it's different with different companies.
This type of stuff is typical. These people are not B-body experts, so you can't expect them to understand all of the differences and similarities. They make calls based on overall statistics that apply to the general car market.
Exactly. They are trying to say that the few V4P vehicles I found listed (low miles) are that price solely because of low miles and not the tow pack car.

Some of it is that, but I have a good argument going. We'll see what happens.

Sounds weird.
What, the '94 is too dissimilar to the '95, because the mirrors are different, and '95 & '96 are similar?

What they 'can' or 'cannot' do, seems more like 'will' or 'will not' do.
Guess it's their system. They made the rules, and they're the referees too.
That's my issue. They are calling their own balls and strikes, which is very frustrating.

They probably don't know HOW ...
but if they don't like the results, I bet they adjust a few knobs / buttons / levers til the recalculations are more favorable.

Is this car being dried out yet? If it's still got water in it, it's about to be completely worthless with mold and corrosion.

Yes. I shop vacc'ed it immediately and then we stripped the interior.

It's been all detailed/shampooed and treated with mold killer. The car will run again I certainly hope. It runs now, but need to do a full fluid change before we really hurt the motor.

At this point I am fighting valuation with insurance.

Speaking of that.... anyone want an 800 mile Cadillac V4P? Only $80,000!

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Still interested to know what value you put on your car before the swim.

What do you feel a similar condition similar miles non V4P is worth ?
A non V4P? Seems that non-V4P cars are going for $8k-15k in various conditions. Trashed vehicles are less than that.

A 16k mile tow pack with an incorrect Brougham top (aftermarket) just sold for $23k.
Agreed, @Marky Dissod. Just feel as though they are attempting to lowball.
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