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A 75,000 mile V4P has taken a bath ...

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Fellow ISSF members,

@Caddyshack95 has suffered a force majeure event: his home was flooded under 4 feet of water.

Among worse things, his '95 Fleetwood V4P has taken a bath.
According to him, the water did not reach the bottom of the seat cushions.

The water only got up to the floorboards, but not quite up to the seat cushions.
The insurance company - Grange - has totaled it.
Grange has not yet stated the valuation, which he fears will be drastically underestimated, given that it's a V4P.

How does he fight the valuation if Grange underestimates?
Since it's likely Grange will underestimate the value of the car, how does he go about fighting the undervaluation?
How does he go about keeping the V4P?

Oh - how many '95 V4P were produced?

Any advice regarding the above, or any other advice or assistance of any kind would be most appreciated.
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Is this car being dried out yet? If it's still got water in it, it's about to be completely worthless with mold and corrosion.
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