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Well, I spent the day working on the rear end and finally got some working shocks on all four corners.

Sorry about the large pics, I didn't realize my camera was set at 1024x768.

180K miles and the originals were still on it. Needless to say there was a good reason my wife called it a 'Bounce House'. I went to a couple places to price someone installing my shocks and the cheapest was $200 and that's with me supplying my own shocks!! I decided driving a bouncy car wasn't so bad.

Well the wife wouldn't ride in it so I had to do the work myself. The trouble was finding time.

A few months back I called a friend over and we 'broke' off the old front shocks in order to get a cheap set of new ones on it.

Today I finally got around to replacing the rears. I jacked it up and took some pics of the wheel well areas. Hmm, left side looks ok:

Ahh, a good look at the right side shows why she bounces like a rubber ball down the road.

After struggling with rusty bolts, and bending my arms in a pretzel to reach the top nuts with a wrench, I finally got the old right shock off. I found the old DeCarbons from my Impala sitting in my shed so I cleaned them off and checked them out. No leaks so guess where they are going.

I decided to use the longer-bolt with nut in the middle method I've read about here on the forum, so off to Lowes to buy some bolts, nuts and lock washers.

I checked a few places for new rubber spring isolators, but none to be found. Ah well, I'll just rotate the old ones a little bit. Got the right side back together and it looked a lot nicer. My air compressor hasn't been working since I bought it so I don't care too much about the hookups just flopping around.

Time to pull the left side. It was a lot easier than the right since there wsa no exhaust in the way, plus I knew what to expect and how to do it now. You can see the left was nothing but a big oil leak, but at least it wasn't broken.

Within about 30 minutes I had the left side installed.

No more 'Bounce House'. She drives like a new car again!!

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I went to Autozone and got the isolators there. You have to look in the Energy suspension book for them, but, the book lists them as a top bushinng and the box lists it as a bottom. they are the same. you need 2 kits at $7.99 each. I can't remember the part number. It is a special order part, so expect to wait 2-3 days.

FOUND IT!!! Use the cappy section
part # 3.6110

energy suspension webpage



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What a great post. Thanks so much for this; I've read so much about changing the back shocks, but your pictures have given me confidence to try this myself!
Can someone just chime in about how to jack up the car properly to do this? If the car (frame) is on a jackstand, do I need to need to then raise the axle in order to change the back shock?

Don't ever forget that although many of you can do this with your eyes closed, there are so many others like me who need to be nursed along the first time!
Thanks, gang.
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