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Ok, I have searched but can not find anything. Is there somewhere on here that lists all of the abbreviations used on the forum. RMW, I think I figured out that I have one. I assume it is Road Master Wagon. In fact, I think I used it a couple times, I hope I was right on its meaning. Thanks guys.cwm3

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FWIW IDK. IIRC you're right. I got GWS, but haven't grokked SMH yet.

I'm sure you'll get legit replies now that I've provided the official 'thread assing' one. ;)

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:) For What Its Worth, I Dont Know...

I think I got all the "web acronyms" what I struggle with is all the Imapala, Caprice, Roadmaster acronyms used on the forum...

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Such as:

WB4- RPO code for factory wood delete
DCM- Dark Cherry Metallic
MAB- Medium Adriatic Blue
LAB- Light Adriatic Blue
DGGM- Dark Green Grey Metallic
9C1- Police package Caprice


I'm past my 'pass out' time, so thinking of anymore shall be left to others. :)

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Some I know:

OCC - Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser
LDM - Light Driftwood Metallic
DGGM - Dark Green Gray Metallic
MAB - Medium Adriatic Blue
RMS - Roadmaster Sedan
RMW - Roadmaster Wagon
L03 - 305 V8 / TBI
L05 - 350 V8 / TBI
LT1 - 350 V8 / SFI / Hi Performance
L99 - 263 V8 / SFI
LAB - Light Adriatic Blue
DCM - Dark Cherry Metaillic
OBD-I - On Board Diagnostics PCM v.1 (Pre-1996)
OBD-II - On Board Diagnostics PCM v.2 (1996-)

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plagiarized from Qalo's impala ss handbook:

4L60E – the transmission model that was stock for the LT1 equipped B-Bodies.
4L80E – a replacement transmission for the LT1 that is more heavy duty and handle more
Air Box – in case you didn’t know, the air filter casing behind the driver’s side
AIR FORCE ONE – an alteration for the RAISS intake set up. A metal wind deflector.
B- Body – Caprices, Impalas, Roadmasters
BBB – Nickname acronym for Black paint color, Some translations are “Big, Black,
Beautiful”, “Bold, Black , Beautiful”, “Big, Black, Bitch”. The actual color name is
Standard Onyx Black or SOB.
BLINK BLINKS – sequential brake lights
BMR – Manufacturer of control arms.
CAT EYE GRILL – a type of aftermarket grill, sold from Socal Street Trends
LTZ – a certain package for the Caprice.
CEL – Check engine Light
D- Body – Cadillacs
DCM – Paint Color, Dark Cherry Metallic
DGGM- Paint Color, Dark Green Gray Metallic
DTC - Diagnostic Trouble Code
ECM – Electronic Control Module or Engine Control Module
EGR – Exhaust Gas Recirculation
FB – First Base, the rectangular baffle between the home plate (HP) and the air box.
F-Body – Camaros, Firebirds, etc.
HA – Herb Adams, refers to a maker of an aftermarket sway bar.
HO – refers to a maker of an aftermarket sway bar.
HP – Home plate, the home plate shaped baffle on the engine.
HP – horse power
HPP3 – Hypertech Power Programmer III
IMHO – In my honest opinion
IMO – In my opinion
LCA – Lower Control Arms
LED – Light Emitting Diodes, refers to the warning lights in your instrument cluster
LS1 – the GM replacement of the LT1, found in new Firebirds, Camaros, Corvettes.
LT1 – Your engine man.
LT4 – Engine Upgrade. New cam, so on and so on.
LT5 – Engine upgrade, Tim Allen’s SS has one.
MAF – Mass Air Flow Sensor
MIL - Malfunction Indicator Lamp
O2 - Oxygen
OBD - On Board Diagnostics
OBD II - On Board Diagnostics, Generation 2
OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer
PCM – Powertrain Control Module
PCV – Positive Crankcase Ventilation valve
PITA – Pain in the ass
RBT – Red Bow Tie
SOB – Standard Onyx Black, see BBB
T56 – Type of transmission, replaces the 4L60E, for the manual shift conversion.
T84 – an aftermarket headlight kit that shines a lot better than stock.
TB – Throttle Body
TEFLON TAPE – white tape used to seal threads in order for no fluid leakage. Found in plumbing
section of stores.
WIG WAGS – police style alternating headlights.
WOT – Wide Open Throttle
WX3- Code for Super Sports on label in trunk.

BFH = Big F***ing Hammer

wtf is the "GWS" people always use in here though? Get well soon?

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Sweet guys thanks. Looks like most of my confusion was around abbreviations of color... This list will be nice to have.

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HELLO!?! 1A2!?

(The most important code....)

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I prefer OCC to CCW. As a result of being on a few gun boards I automaticly assume someone is talking about their carry gun or permit...

Dont forget RTFM...

ETA: Comes in handy on occasion.

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LCA = Lower Control Arm
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