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When starting engine, ABS Warning Light is off. By the time I reach the driveway, light goes on and stays on until shutoff.

I've already lengthened the evap. drip hose to avoid water drip on that ABS sensor.

The system keeps track of the MPH on each wheel. A scan tool (GM) indicates the correct MPH for both front wheels and 0 MPH for both rear wheels.

I'm trying to determine which sensor(s) are causing the problem or can it be the rear end reluctor gear. (Aftermarked 3.73 from Motive)



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Did you have a 3.73 reluctor gear pressed onto the pinion gear when the 3.73's were installed? It seems to me like either the reluctor was never pressed on or it is not pressed on correctly or broken. You should talk to the guy who installed the gears about this one.

Also, before you do that, make sure that when the gears were installed that they plugged the sensor back in. There should be a wiring harness going right to the differential on the front part of it (I forget which side) for the rear ABS reluctor. It might be a simple they forgot to plug it in problem, and the pigtail is just dangling, if not, it may be a reluctor problem. If you take the sensor out of the housing and shine a light in there, you should be able to see the reluctor, if you can, count how many teeth it has and repost what you find. A correct 3.73 reluctor should have 18 teeth on it. If that is correct, then it may be that your sensor got damaged when the gears were installed and it needs to be replaced. IT might be tough to count the teeth on the reluctor, but if the car is jacked up (rear wheels off the ground) and on stands, and in neutral with no parking brake set (and the front wheels are chocked) you should be able to easily rotate the driveshaft with your hand. I think you can probably put that yellow grease they use when checking the pinion-ring contact pattern when setting up a rear on the abs reluctor too to help you count the teeth, but I'm not positive about that.
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