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ACDelco suspension parts ---old sticky

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EDITED 5/16/2009

I wrote previously that I would publish an update on this topic, so here it is!

To refresh anyone's memory: Spicer Stuff

All items listed here have a GM "long number" and can be ordered by any GM dealer. All numbers starting with "45---" are ACDelco.

If there is anything I missed, or if you are looking for info on another vehicle, just let me know. I can also provide equivalent P/N's for Moog springs from the ACD listings.

Some Moog and other source equivalent kits are packaged differently than the ACDelco parts, with multiple parts in a P/N package--especially bushings--where ACDelco is NORMALLY packaged as a single item, except where indicated.

NOTE: Prices should be checked locally or at GM Parts Direct online. You can also submit a pricing request here: RMS Auto Parts to find out what these parts may actually cost at present. Remember that GM parts are subject to frequent and inexplicable price adjustments--usually higher, rarely lower.

The bottom line is that you can purchase quality parts from GM, rather than have to wonder whether that idler arm you just bought at CarQuest, Auto Zone, Pep Boys, or the local parts store is REALLY the same one that comes in the blue & yellow box with the racing organization logo on it.

Finally, realize that these are NOT Moog parts. They were Dana/Spicer aftermarket (now Raybestos, part of the Affinia Group, a spin-off from Dana several years ago), NOT to be confused with OE parts used in production.

These ball joints and other articulating parts are "low friction" design. They have other features which I consider superior in most respects to other frequently used major brands. In most cases, since they are the most familiar to this group, I have provided the Moog number for the EQUIVALENT to what is in the ACDelco package.

Here's the "complete" list (does NOT cover every part or application) :

NOTE: listing is a mix of GM and ACDelco parts--some production parts not supplied by ACDelco are also listed. The NAPA parts listed are the same as the GM/ACDelco parts where all PN's are listed. All are manufactured by Raybestos as noted above.


1. Ball joint, upper (2 per car)
GM 88911387 ACD 45D0016 = NAPA Chassis Parts 260-1091 = Raybestos 500-1016
K5208 is Moog equivalent part (fit/form/function)

2. Ball joint, lower, 5/8" (2 per car)
GM 88911522 ACD 45D2024 = NAPA Chassis Parts 260-1124 = Raybestos 505-1024
K6141T is Moog equivalent part
NOTE: ONLY installed on late 95 and all 96 *SEO* 7B3 suspension configured vehicles--includes 9C1 sedans and late production 1A2 wagons
NOTE: DO NOT attempt to install in control arms made for 9/16" ball joints
NOTE: Recommend use of larger OE castle nut, PN 14054921, when installing this ball joint--instead of nut that comes with ball joint kit. Hex size is 1-1/16", provides greater load surface area against knuckle surface.

NOTE: *SEO* - Special Equipment Option - primarily police car application components, suspension spec 7B3
NOTE: For upgrade to 5/8" lower ball joints, use knuckle 18021377 & 18021378 (B-body with ABS) with correct lower control arms fitted with 5/8" ball joints. Must modify or replace existing lower control arms if changing from 9/16" ball joints.

3. Ball joint, lower, 9/16" (2 per car)
GM 88911524 ACD 45D2026 = NAPA Chassis Parts 260-1130 = Raybestos 505-1026
K6145T is Moog equivalent part
NOTE: Used on ALL 91-96 non-SEO applications and all SEO (9C1/1A2) applications 91 to mid-95
NOTE: As above, recommend use of larger OE castle nut, PN 3983037, when installing this ball joint--hex size is 15/16".

NOTE: Replacement knuckles for 9/16" lower ball joints are 18021052 & 18021053 (B-body with ABS)

4. Ball joint, lower, 9/16" (2 per car)
GM 88911525 ACD 45D2027
(optional oversize press-fit)

5. Shaft, upper arm, offset, with bushings (2 per car)
GM 88913896 ACD 45J0023 = Moog K6210

6. Bolt, upper arm to frame (4 per car) - knurled to press into frame and prevent rotation
GM 10262655

7. Nut, upper arm to frame bolt (4 per car) - prevailing torque (self-locking) - replace after 2 or more uses/alignments
GM 9442939

NOTE: 6. BOLT and 7. NUT secure upper arm cross shaft to frame--where alignment shims are installed

8. Bushing, front upper control arm (4 per car, included with shaft kit above)
GM 88912526 ACD 45G8020 = Moog K6198 or K6409(HD)
(2 in Moog standard kit, 4 in HD kit)

9. Bushing, front lower control arm, forward (2 per car)
GM 88912603 ACD 45G9026 = Moog K6109
(Moog is kit of 2 per side consisting of 1 of this item and 1 of item below)

10. Bushing, front lower control arm, aft (2 per car)
GM 88912760 ACD 45G11013 = Moog K6109
(Moog is kit of 2 per side, consisting of 1 of this item and 1 of item above)

11. Bumper, front lower control arm - "bump stop" (2 per car)
GM 88912477 ACD 45G1004

11a. Bumper, front LCA, from ZQ8 truck suspension package
GM 15956547 Recommended alternate - tall cylindrical urethane design

12. Link kit, front sway bar, "performance" design (1 kit per car - contains 2 links)
GM 88912214 ACD 45G0065 (similar to 1LE link, GM 10221779)

13. Insulator, front spring upper (2 per car)
GM 15597425 (currently limited availability)

13a. Insulator, front spring upper (alternate)
GM 15737908 (truck part, improved design)

14. Shock Absorber, premium monotube, FRONT
GM 88962987 ACD 540-5010

STEERING <click for identification of inner & outer tie rod

1. Tie rod, outer (2 per car)
GM 88910018 ACD 45A0184 = Moog ES2019RLT

2. Tie rod, inner (2 per car)
GM 88910424 ACD 45A0590 = Moog ES2020RLT

3. Sleeve, tie rod adjuster (2 per car)
GM 88910750 ACD 45A6004 = Moog ES2004S

4. Center link (relay rod) (1 per car)
GM 88911150 ACD 45B1098 = Moog DS899

GM 88929986 ACD 45B1133 = Moog DS1405
NOTE: for steering stabilizer (Buick application)

4.a. Steering damper for center link above (1 per car)
GM 88946549

5. Idler arm (1 per car)
GM 88911336 ACD 45C1082 = Moog K6187T


1. Bushing, rear upper control arm (axle end) (2 per car)
GM 10000952 (production) Orange JA1/2.93 (7.625 axle)
GM 10000953 (production) Green F41/JA1 (7.625 axle)
GM 10000954 (production) Purple All w/8.5 axle
(above production bushings available from Vintage Parts Inc.
GM 88912770 ACD 45G11023 = Moog K6111
(Moog is kit of 2 per arm = 1 of this item and 1 of item below)

2. Bushing, rear upper control arm, (frame end) (2 per car)
GM 527593 Brown (production)
GM 88912761 ACD 45G11014 = Moog K6111
(Moog is kit of 2 per arm = 1 of this item and 1 of item above for GM parts)

3. Bushing, rear lower control arm (4 per car)
GM 527593 (production)
GM 88912761 ACD 45G11014 = Moog K6116
(Moog is kit of 2 per arm)

4. Insulator, rear spring (4 per car)
GM 88913143 ACD 45G18001 = Moog K6203
NOTE: listed as BUSHING in GM parts ID nomenclature
NOTE: replaces OE production PN 10247105
Bill Harper
ISSCA #127
[email protected]
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Just broke one of my rear springs. From votlandt while I am under there figured I will replace the isolators how many insoltors do you use on the rear springs in a wagon
doesnt fit

I ordered a set from rockauto I got the 10 pack acdelco insolters they fit on the top great but they are to small for the bottom.
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