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I'm not sure what good a pic is gonna do you, you won't be able to see the adapter cwm6

There's a few wagons running 'vette wheels with adapters. As long as you follow directions, you'll be fine.

based on your other thread, it seems like you want the easy way out on this: Somebody tell me what I can do in two easy steps to get these wheels on.

Not gonna happen.

What you gotta do is some homework.

Google "how to measure backspacing."
Read everything you find.
Using you new found knowledge, Measure your backspacing.
Read THis thread about adapters
Using the info you get there, figure out how wide an adapter you need.
Order adapters.
Bolt wheels on car.

Its not that hard, man, but you do have to do some work. So the question is, do you like those wheels enough to go through all that?
Cause if it was me, I sell the dammed things and try to talk BondoVW out of these, which are similar, in better shape, and don't need no stinkin' adapters. He hates them, so I'd bet a good deal could be struck.

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