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Hi everyone,

I just finished hooking up a Chinese keyless entry for my 1995 Caprice. I wanted to run the locks and trunk release and hook up the indicators to flash when locking/unlocking the car(no horn), the unit came with two brown wires which is a + trigger for indicators. I'm assuming each for a side. The instructions are not clear, where do I connect these? I tried to tap into the hazards fuse but it didn't work. I looked at the fuses(the one in the dash-left side) diagram but couldn't figure if there is two separate fuses for the turn signals.

I thought of running a wire to each indicator in the front, but that seems a bit unsafe and a lot of work.
BTW, the lock/unlock and trunk release works flawless.
I know i'm a little late to the party but if anyone could help it would be truly appreciated. Thanks.:wink2:
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