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Hey Guys,

After searching here on the forum and picking the brains of Crispix and some of the guys, I've just about decided on all the parts I want to go with for a FBSS system on my Caprice. Since I don't anticipate having the time or resources to do my own install, I was wondering if anyone on the forum can reccommend any shops in the So Cal area that do quality airbag installs and/or have experience installing them on our cars. I want to make sure the shock relocation brackets for the front are fabbed with the proper geometry for maximum travel without binding or over-extending my bilsteins. Any suggesstions or recommedations are appreciated. :D

Thanks in advance :cool:

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ive heard some good things about
Automotive Elevations...818-709-0911

ive never been there, cuz i had hydros installed by C&L hydros

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Not to jack your thread but how much is the total of your parts going to cost you? I am in an ongoing debate with myself if I want to give up the handling I currently have to go with an air ride setup. I really enjoy the way my car rides and drives right now but you can't really beat bags. Just wanted to know the total for the costs and if you expect to still be able to handle well with bags installed. Thanks

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My estimated parts total looks like it'll be approximately $1850 (before tax) including the following:

(2) viair 450 compressors
(2) heavy duty 30/40amp compressor relays
(2) 5 gallon multiport tanks
(8) GC 1/2" valves
70' DOT approved steel-braided 1/2" air hose
(1) adjustable pressure switch
(1) SMC water trap
(2) check valves
(4) SMC 1/2" flow controls/mufflers (on dumps)
(4) 7" slam specialties bags
(2) viair dual needle gauges (for bag PSI)
(2) viair single needle gauges (for tank PSI)
(1) custom-built controller with Carling switches
Parker DOT push-lock fittings for all connections
(2) Fabbed/welded front shock relocation mounts
(2) Fabbed/welded rear bag cups

Because I plan on still running my bilstein 0929/1104 shocks all the way around (which will probably have a slight effect on my rise/drop time), I expect to handle just as well as I do right now with the bilsteins and my DJM lowered springs. Having a four-way system will prevent air transfer between the bags when cornering, and the ability to adjust bag pressure independently at each corner should allow me to play with the handling ability a little bit too. At least thats what I'm hoping for :D I like the ability to adjust ride height and dump it when parked. Since I plan on keeping my shocks and running 20s with this setup, and I don't want dropped spindles, I don't mind that it probably wont quite lay hard in front (crossmember on the ground), but it should be reeeeeally close, which is enough for me. The rear frame rails wont lay on the ground either (since I don't want to totally hack up the frame in the rear/run a panhard bar, but they should probably be within an inch of the ground or lay the rear fenderwells on the wheels (whichever comes first) at full dump, which is also good enough for me, since I don't want to hop nor necessarily have the highest rise on the block and totally lay frame/rocker. As long as I can adjust ride height/bag pressure at each corner, park it dumped, show off every once in a while, and still be able to shred rear rubber and drive it like I stole it, I'm happy :D
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