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I was wondering what you guys thought of this new problem I have. I was complaining to the local discount tire about some crappy chrome OEM's they sold me. They had a new set waiting for me so i had them replace them today.

Well they pulled the tires off in the front and they are close to bald on the inner wheel. I had the alignment done right after FLP installed the Hotchkis stay bars and springs and the place said they were unable to get the chamber right? so i drove the car no pulling or anything and i didnt think twice. So i paid the 350 for a new set and got my rims put on after 3hrs of bs.

Are there different alignment specs for the Hotchkis springs? I noiced when i look at the front rims they are slightly slanted in at the top. Maybe this shop just robed me of $100 bucks, they told me they put spaces in and it didnt help or some bs, i brought it to midas and they said they could add more?

Thanks, [email protected]

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Sounds like this shop is either incompetent or lazy....your pick

Goto a GOOD shop and have them put in the following specs :
<UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>Camber : -0.25° each side
<LI>Caster : +4.0° each side, although you might want a little cross-caster for road crown
<LI>Toe : 1/16" toe IN

Unless something is catastrophically wrong with your car, they should be able to (easily) hit those specs.....tightly (i.e. don't settle for 0.0° camber on one side and -0.5° on the other, make them get it RIGHT). And don't let them give you any crap about "non-factory" specs.....those settings are within factory specs.

Of course, also check for other worn parts (idler, centerlink, tierods, balljoints) as well.

Align it RIGHT, and not only will the car handle and track better but with the settings above you should see very even tire wear.
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