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I think my biggest problem is finding a good alignment guy
Isn't it that way with anything any more? Sorry, I don't have any tips for procuring good service. I 'solved' the dilemma by doing my own alignments. To wit, I am more motivated than most, since I like to experiment and need multiple setups. For me to buy the equipment cost less than 1 year's worth of bad alignments. Your mileage may vary :D

The most elaborate piece of equipment you need is going to be the camber/caster guage and some kind of fixture to mount it on your wheel. This is what I splurged on:

The rest of the equipment pretty much consists of a dozen of those solid cinder blocks, 4 pieces of vinyl tile, some string and a couple of jackstands. Here is my car on my 'alignment rack':

I don't do it exactly like this guy, but his writeup is the best I have ever seen (hint: print it to a PDF for safe keeping because I am surprised it's still a working link):
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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