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I know there is a lot of you I have helped and sold parts too and I have got to meet a lot of nice locals
I am going to go through and list everything one more time I have left

If there is anyone local that wants to buy it all for a real cheap price I would prefer that, My health is degrading and I can no longer do yard runs for members and need to get rid of a lot of this stuff asap as to not burden my wife in the inevitable event my cancer wins so I will list all parts individually again

if you do buy something please be patient as I do not drive and have hard days getting up a lot due to lots of seizures I do have a lot of feedback in the FB section under LT1SSB
it will take time for me to have someone like my wife package and drive me to mail it
3 items for sale separately
1 brand new AIR Pump NOS GM 65 (not mine is a friends or I would include it)
1 set of Impala ss factory seats beautiful shape I wont sell for less than 1500 I know its a lot but it is my chemo for the next round and that is the only way I will sell them no rips or tears or bad wear they are really nice include nice power seat racks that are full functional
colgan front end cover 75 don't have the mirror covers only selling as doesn't fit or work good with my hood I added
Locals I will sell you everything for a couple hundred bucks if you would like it to have extras or to sell yourself

tomorrow my brother is coming to open up my bins and help list everything one last time for my SS brothers

All cars except my 96 I am willing to my 3 year old are sold already
I do have a t-top cutlass 83 and a 99 Camaro I will list in the car section too

all engine parts 67k unless otherwise noted
oil filter line adapter
whole box of trunk carpet tie downs both upper and lower and the tail light retainers
hood light lenses and 1 whole assembly
caprice style trunk light assemblies
rear end cover
set of lifters 67k
set of iron Heads 67k on them
BLACK DOOR SPEARS ALL 4 he called them need new tape
under hood fuse box casing large piece
front pass side air dam
set of gray headrest covers
set of tan seatbelts
roadmaster tan sound door bezel insert
alternator internals factory regulators and such
exhaust manifold bolt set with spacers
fuel rail with injectors and regulator
extra regulators
MAP sensors
IAT sensors
LT1 fbody throttle cover with bracket
MAF sensor bbody
ashtray bracket SS
column shifter caprice
door lights front and rear multiple colors
dash vents centers
caprice name plate
tb top plate and screws
driver door harness plug set cut at the jamb
entire air intake system box, first base?, home plate? and bracket most of the air stuff
Black SS trims for below the door have some left some sold here
all 4 black door sills in good shape
black rear wheel well moldings there is 2 but he is not sure what side they are
an intake manifold stripped and blasted clean he says?
rear ss springs 68k miles
grey ss seat belt covers
grey ss map lights
door light lenses ss and clear ones front and back not sure how to tell will ask robert
Roadmaster Buick trunk carpet pretty clean
4 green MAP sensor plugs
2 water pump couplers
IAT sensors
ICM modules and bracket
lots of connectors off the main ECM harness
oil and tranny dipsticks
pcm red clips
various 7mm interior screws
set of the pull strap long bright large Phillips screws
clean ss throttle body with clean bottom pc that houses IAC and IAC included
TPS sensor
AC compressor delco was replaced at some point off my old SS I deleted it due to condenser leaking slowly got rid of the AC on that car
good shape low mileage flywheel with ARP bolts
set of black door spears
some door gaskets
a rear window for pass door

more to come next break, Stacy Field

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saving for pics

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2 for pics

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3 for pics

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Also interested. PM sent.

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started list more on my lunch break

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added more to the list ppl there is so much stuff and his memory is sooo bad
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