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A set of caprice headlights (no black strip) with corner housing 100

steering colum with steering wheel and air bag everything works good the wheel is faded has the two keys. i want 250.

impala ss rear end with no brakes justs discs 250.. 88k in it...

passengerside air bag 100

ob1pcm tuned for a 383

ls1 a4 fbody harness 1998. 130....

set of clear tails with the whole housing.. i want 120...

some sort of s10 or gm center counsle with shifter 80. its black

ac/heat air ducts 50

complete seat belts. will not separate 70

big ac/heat box under the dash with a 5kmile heater core blower motor housing has a hole in it 100.

95 impala cluster 50 bucks around 143k miles

lt1 camaro cluster 70 150mph 46k miles

streettrends carpet its dirty i want 40.

ls1 msd 8.5 plug wires 60

853 heads with stock stuff minus rockers 100

lq4 shortblock needs rebuild 500

4.56 gears good condition with the pinion bearing pushed on 100.

ac condensor 20

wiper motor 40

lt1 intake no tb with accel 26lbs injectors and fpr buy it for 220 and get a free aeromotive fpr!

Set of stock impala wheels panted black with center caps they have some curb rash two of the tires need replacing due to misalignment. 350 obo.

accesorie bracket 40.

and i have alot of trim also i have a 96ss parts car with all the suspension still there pm me with what u need

full impala grill with mesh powdercoated black by the man (marcus at sharp powdercoating) 250 THIS ONE IS JUST A FEELER WHO WOULD WANT TO BUY IT?

ill keep adding stuff!!!!!!

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How much for the power steering pump shipped to 21784.

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big ac/heat box under the dash with a 5kmile heater core 100.
I would like to get this from you, but don't know how much to send for shipping, what I can do is issue a pick up with UPS, all you need to do is get it ready for them.

PM me with the payment information and let me know if it's cool to have UPS pick up the package, you would need to provide a pick up address though.

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