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Alternate 52 mm Throttle Body Service

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Hello all,

****I appologize and don't mean to step on the toes of the other GP, but I saw that there were a few other folks that wanted the same thing I did, and may be willing to pay more to get it.*****

I have been reading the other thread with interest, but my preference was to have the new sealed bearings on the shaft, as mine are worn (96K miles) and causing an idle issue.

I was going to send mine in to David Koldos to have him do the work (which IS more expensive than the other thread) and asked if he might be interested in giving those of us here that want his magic, a price break.

Here is his reply:

As long as they're all LT1 based bodies and not L98's, I'd say I could do the 52mm/sealed bearing work for $175 plus shipping. I normally charge $199 for the work. L98's are higher ($215) due to the work involved with the egr port.

What you get for the money is:
Walnut shell blast cleaning
52mm bore
new cnc'd throttle blades
stainless steel fasteners used in reassembly
free match boring of a supplied air foil

I also offer installed and match bored Hypertech air foils that I'll supply for an additional $56. OE GM gasket sets for the swap are available as well for $25. You might mention my work with the people from the corvette forum.


Let me know if you are interested, and I can get more info. I'll be sending mine in regardless.

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Originally posted by Crispix396:
so, just getting this straight...

i can send my old stock TB to him, and 3 days (roughly) later, i get a 52mm nice neat looking TB back? for 200bux shipped?

sounds too simple, but someone please tell me that i understand this right...
You are correct, sir!
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