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I I took my alternator apart last weekend...had the case powder coated during the week and am trying to get it back together.

I was very careful and marked all the electrics and sequence of assembly and managed to get all the bearings out and new ones in


There are three shaft spacers I payed no attention as to what order they came off. I found a publication that says the 6.5 mm thick goes between rotor and drive side bearing....and from observation it looked like the thin one (~6.0 mm) went betwwen the bearing and the cooling fan and the thick one (~100 mm) went between the fan and the pully.

When I reassembled I had well over about 3/8" in and out play of the shaft which can't be right.

If I stick the thickest spacer between the rotor and bearing I loose the in and out play put the pully seems like it will crush into the cooling fan.

Anyone "been there...done that" who can tell me where I have messed up?

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