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96 9C1 85,000 miles

Just had my front end re-done with the following parts:

Moog 2 ea. Upper Ball Joints - K5208
Moog 2 ea. Lower Ball Joints 5/8"- K6141
PST 4 ea.POLYGRAPHITE® Upper Inner Control Arm Bushings
PST 4 ea. POLYGRAPHITE® Lower Inner Control Arm Bushings
Moog 2 ea. Outer Tie Rod Ends - ES2020RLT
Moog 2 ea. Inner Tie Rod Ends - ES2019RLT
Hotchkis 1 ea. Tie Rod Adjusting Sleeves - Part #??
Moog 1 ea. Center link - D899
GM 2 ea. ZQ8 Bump Stops - 15956547
2 ea. 3/8-16 (course thread) Screws & Lock Washers.

Used AutocroSSer's alignment specs.

1. I have play in the steering wheel (not a lot).
2. The car wants to drift to the right when I take my hands off the wheel, or hold the steering wheel straight.
3. "I" can't tell much difference in the "before & "after".

Shop that did the work told me "That's the way these cars are".

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The drifting to the right is probably due to the crown of the road. The play can be attributed to a dead spot in the factory steering box.

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Good alignment shops provide a data sheet showing the before and results of the alignment. Did you get such a sheet? If so post results.

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Another semi-common source of play (often overlooked) is the intermediate steering shaft, which goes from the firewall to the steering box. The b-bodies weren't so bad about it, but man I can tell you the late-model Tahoes/Suburbans and Monte Carlos/Impalas are having a bunch of trouble in that area.
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