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well me and the girl found ANOTHER wagon. we were cruzin a back way to another town last friday nite and my headlites hit what looked like a giant mound of snow and a B-body headlite pokin out. we cruzed by it saturday afternoon and there it was!

this time its a 92 lite blue woody roadmaster. its in alot better condition than the 91. has 116,000 miles, 350, full power and all the typical roadie stuff. blue cloth interior. middle seat has a seperation that she's gonna fix if she gits it. has a few bumps and bruises but no real bad rust and no major cosmetic damage other than the grille is busted apart.

has MAKE OFFER written real big on the windsheild. she's gonna start low with $350 and stop at 500. she's dyin to git this one and recondition it.

if we git it, BOTH wagons will be at WAGONFEST! (now i just gotta git round to makin reservations.... i'm an idiot).
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