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Does anyone know if there is an off the shelf cam to compare these specs to?
Adv. duration 287/287
Duration @.050 226/226
Lift .520/.520. 112 LSA
This is with 1.5 rockers, too.

Is there a dyno graph of a similar cam that I can look at?

As for the specifics....
How will this cam perform in a stock bottom end with mild head porting (iron), T56, 4.10's and Tri-y's?
My wants are a strong midrange, lumpy idle, and not having to wind up to 7k.
Will a bigger MAF and TB be necessary or just a bonus?
What or how much would be gained by going to 1.6 rockers?

Thanks in advance,

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Lingenfelter # 74219 = 219/219 duration @ .050 with .525"/.525" with 1.5 RRs and 112* LSA

Comp Cams custom grind Xtreme Energy Lobe # 3192 on Int/Exh.
This lobe will = 224/224 duration @ .050 with .567"/.567" lift with 1.5 RRs.
You can get the LSA and timing advance of your choice gound into the stick.

Hope this helps!


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Thanks everyone. I think that cam is out due to the rocker split (I didn't think of that), and I wasn't going to really hog out the heads a ton.

So....the quest for a decent used cam continues.....
I just wanted to try something 'different' than the popular cams that are used.

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