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Any Air-Conditioner Improvement Mods?

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Are there any Air Conditioner Improvement Mods?

Just got my AC competely charged.
Works OK except in the Hot Sun.
Then takes a while to cool down.
Not very well at Idle.

My Dad's 94 Roadmaster seems to be cooler and quicker.

Was wondering if there were any tricks to improve AC performance?
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I had to swap out the compressor today, and after reading through this and several other threads, I have a couple points that I didn't see included previously:

You DO NOT have to remove the 3 10mm bolts from the back side of the compressor to remove it. You have to remove ONLY the 15mm nut on the stud retaining the A/C lines. The 10mm bolts hold on shields that you can swap over to the new compressor from the comfort of a nice chair or workbench. Don't struggle. It will come out and go in easily enough. (I found this out AFTER removing the crap from the back. Then I said hey, I wonder if the new one will go in with all the crap on the back. Yeah, it does.)

The compressor calls for a Delco number (I don't have it in front of me now) of PAG oil. After looking this up, it is PAG 150, which is readily available at a fraction the cost of the Delco.

Oh, and the job is EASY! Easier than I thought it would be anyway, thanks in part to the forum! :D

Another thing, I did my ignition wires while I was down there. WAY easier with the compressor off! ;)
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