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Any club/s in KS?

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Was jus wondering im around the topeka area:confused:
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We had KCISS and a slow web site but we did have one. ONE DAY WENT TO GET ON IT AND IT WAS GONE. We didnt even get a heads up site was going be shut down. Sad how it went down. We meet up with WASSO (Whicita) a few times and they died out. We were steady each year around April I put on a KCISS BBQ out by sandstone. This would have been the 5 or 6th year and we all lost out with loseing the site.
I'm still here.

- Brian
Definitly been a long time.

I suppose I'll have to remember to resurect this thread come next spring when we've all finished up our winter projects and the weather starts to get better again.

- Brian
Still here. I haven't driven my impala in almost a 8mo now. For the wichita guy's I joined up with Was all F-body clubs but they didn't have enough intrest so they opened it up to anything late model muscle. Consists of a few Mustangs, a vette or two, plenty of F-Bodys, a couple late model GTOs, and whatever else shows up.

During the better months we usually have a meet up a month. Been pretty dead overthere now though.

I'll drive whatever's not in pieces when I go to the meet-ups.

1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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