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Hey guys,

I really have no idea what I am looking for and to boot I know nothing about electronics (with the exception of wiring them up). I drive alot and the stock cassette just sucks lately. I was thinking of going with a standard head unit like I usually do, but I would like to fill up some of that space in the dash.

First off does anyone know if this is a quality Item??

Seems like its in my price range....

Here's primarily what I need:

CD Player
Maybe MP3
I can't live without Sirius Radio

And maybe view the occasional DVD for when I am waiting 3 hours for my girfriend in the car while she gets her nails done....

I HATE NAVIGATION so I couldn't care less about that....

I just wanted to know if this will fit "cleanly" into my 96 dash, and what the quality of the screen and unit are. I have always liked pioneer.



P.S. whats the deal with the road side assistance and the unit "being able to track my speed." Plain and simple, I own older cars because I don't like the idea of being tracked.
Sorry if this all sounds stupid, I still only have AM in my Chevelle....
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