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I know these have been brought up before:

The little but of discussion I remember about these wasn't too in depth IIRC. I am thinking about getting a set but they aren't exactly cheap so I was wondering what some of the experts tought...

Would I be better off spending the money on something else?

My front suspension is basically stock (Hal's added). I was thinking of getting the Aluminace bushings for the control arms, Global West springs, HO sway bar/ with a rear to balance it.

What is the cost of the GW springs? Are they usually in stock?

After replacing the stock parts with those listed I think I will call my front susp. "done". I feel this is the best way to spend the $$ for the money I have unless you guys say otherwise.

I was thinking of contacting Pro-Motion to see if they might offer a GP on these spacers if they get the nod from you guys.


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