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Any thoughts on....

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Removing the inner fender well that hold the coolant tanks and other accessories?? Also any advice for removing a slightly rusted radiator support>? 95 Impala SS will live again!
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They have about 20 bolts holding each of them in. You will have to be careful with the PS because it tends to interfere with the AC lines by the radiator when removing. Remove the battery tray to get to the front bolts on the DS. Other than that removing the wheels it is pretty straight forward. Make sure you remove the Anti-lock brake connectors from the wheelhouses (yellow). Remove the wheelhouse through the wheel opening. Rear pulls down, and then rotates out.

The core support is a little more involved. You will have to loosen the fenders and spread them to get it out. Otherwise it is pretty straight forward as well.

Lots of bolts...7mm, 10mm, 13mm, maybe a couple of 15mm. An FSM would be nice to have available. If your antenna is not working, now is the time to replace it.

If you need a core support, I have a really nice one for sale.
Neither job is vary hard, just time consuming.

If only there was a way to get the Kentucky members together to help each other out and stuff.
Maybe you could compensate Sinister to do it for you! lol

I was just working on mine earlier

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Wow, those look nice, great job.

New ones? Where did u get'em?
Not new, but no rust holes. Took a grinder with a wire wheel to them. Then POR 15'd, which will get topcoated. The road side will get a mixture of undercoating and sound deadener.
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