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Stumbled on a seller of this project. Some big money spent on it. Has to be someone out there that is familiar with it. Added some pics.

Twin turbo purchased from CIA and said to all be in boxes new. Engine claims to never have been started but is installed. Total for the turbo kit was 10350 in 2015.

Title is salvage from a rear end accident years ago. Seller sent the info. His asking is tall but I guess not out of the question if it was done/running.

Adding from mobile. Hopefully pics add correctly.

Seems to be a project that needs finishing but his asking is 22k. Seems tall for a nice project with some receipts but salvage and not finished. Sitting at least 4-5 years.

Any thoughts?


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Custom cars are hard to gauge because you never know what someone is willing to pay for something, but lets break it down like this.

I know that turbo kit SOLD for 10k, but I really can't see anyone getting more than 6-7k for it these days. Maybe i'm wrong there, but I just get the feeling like anyone willing to drop 10k on a turbo kit probably wouldn't be keeping the LT1 and anyone keeping the LT1 probably wouldn't be willing to spend 10k on a turbo kit (and many guys are doing it themselves).

So if i'm right there, lets knock 6-7k off the cost and say the car being sold for 15-16k then.

What I see on the car is a lot of nice bolt ons, seems like decent quality work mechanically form the little i'm seeing and the body work looks really nice (again, from what i'm seeing). I don't see any spectacular custom work, just a bunch of nice parts and a nice paint job and parts generally don't add a whole lot of value to a car because they aren't new.. I would say depending on mileage, if the engine/trans/rear is built for that turbo setup and there are no issues with anything I would think that car would be worth 10-15k?

One thing to keep in mind too, is when you see a car being sold with say a built engine and assume "oh wow, that's a 10k motor if I were to have it built", you have to be very careful there. Personally, I like to assume any built engine is only worth to me the cost of the parts themselves when being sold used. I've seen WAY too many people buy used built motors or cars with built motors thinking they were saving a ton of money and the engine ends up running into trouble and needing a rebuild. Next thing you know, that motor you thought was worth 10k is reduced to 4k worth of parts (IF you catch the problem soon enough) and now the person is paying all the labor fees they would have paid to have their own engine built. Sometimes these problems are VERY hard to catch before buying without taking the motor down, sending oil in for an analysis, cutting open the filter etc... and who does that? lol
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