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Anyone going to this???

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************ IS my drug...
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Thanks for the Photopaloza Post !! Awesome.
Would love to know the wheel/tire sizes on car in post #35.

Looks like i saw Nab.
I think i saw Alex's car and Dan F. with Tow wagon.

I think i will try to be realistic and go to events next season as i a spectator, and see how many i can attend.
My luck is just too rotten right now to risk participation.
-ALF out...
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You're kidding me !? after what you just went through with the F-body....
Starting to feel good about not driving my Harley or vette practically at all last year.

I have to stop by my mech, i think he was gonna try and pull my motor this weekend.
Hope to be back in the SS before X-mas.
-ALF out....
1 - 2 of 47 Posts
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