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I took off the calipers and removed both pads.. The metal squeak plate thing on the backing of the plate of the pad falls off.. I guess it was orignally two pieces. (two pieces fell off)

The pad has plenty of meat on it (about 10k of use) When putting it back together, I just placed the plates back into the backing plate. Orignally it must of been bonded on.

Is the pad toast? Do you really need those plate things on the back of the backing plate? I might see what Hawk has to say on the matter.

Edit.. I see Hawk offers a lifetime warntee. I wonder if this will cover the Frayed, seperating Anti squeak plates. I shall find out.

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Just did a beutification to the front brake calipers and yes the anti squeak pads just fell off. I did the same by just placing them back in and hoping they stay.

Would be interested to hear what Hawk has to say about this problem.

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Brian, & others with this issue,
I've been using PFC BP's for years.
Up until about two years ago, the thin 'Anti-Squeak Shims' they supplied with BP's, had peel off self stick adhesive.
Peel paper off & stick shim to back of BP.

Inevitably, the shims would squirm their way off BP's backing plate, and end up sticking out caliper.
After this occured two times, before all my subsequent BP R&R's I used> [available in spray also]
to glue shim to back of each BP. This took care of shims working themselves off BP.

The last two sets of 'improved' PFC's I've bought, had shims "stud staked" to BP backs. NOT GOING ANYWHERE! :cool:

BP = Brake Pad

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I usually throw them away once they seperate.
If the pads squeak, I'll add some of that red stuff, but only if they squeak.
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