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anyone have pics of side scripts on a white caprice??

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im deciding onwhat color side scripts for my white caprice. i weas thinking black or maybe chrome. i just want to see how it would look different ways before i purchase the set.
anybody got pics or opinions???
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thats kinda my thoughts too. i do run 9c1's with raised whites. blacked mirrors and blacked pillars. i just never seen it w/ black scripts personaly so iwanted to see what u guys thought. thanks!
anybody else?
its not a 9c1, well...its not an SS either. lol. but, was thinking Caprice SS. ive always liked the thought of it. hmmm i never even thought of whiye on white. that might be smooth looking. kinda like the black on black ImpSS.
i wish i had photoshop so i could mess with the look a bit.
OH SH$T! im sold! white on white it is. thanks bro
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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