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So, I'm going to reupholster my door panel on my 94 Buick Roadmaster Wagon and I've taken it all apart. Obviously a lot of the panel is sonic plastic welded and made out of ABS plastic. The most notorious part of the panel that breaks is the bezel with the fake wood grain.

So i re-created the interior door bezel via AutoCAD and now i'm in search of a CNC shop that is capable of machining it out of aluminum.

So far in town shops are more interested in mass production items, in very rare cases they said just a one off would would well over $800 (ouch)

So I'm curious if anyone can point me in a direction to any other CNC shops that is able to help me out.

Hopefully if this works out, if anyone else wants to replace/reupholster/customize the door panels this may start out to something big that others can buy into.

Anyway, please PM me or just give me links to shops you may have worked with or know of that could help me out.

Thanks a bunch!


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