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Sometimes I think Dupli-color hates B-Bodies.

Found the Light Adriatic Blue for Scott's (which Dupli-color just calls "GM Light Blue" now) ... But I can't find Dark Grey-Green Metallic for BadBowtie's anywhere... Has anyone found it in touchup form?

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I went down this road when I had my 96 DGGM. Even the GM touch up for DGGM didn't match the car. Later on I took some parts to a body shop to have them paint to match body color and they had 5 or 6 different paint chips all for the same 96 Chevy DGGM paint code. One of the chips was a perfect match for my car and the parts turned out great. With out matching the car with a color chip its just a gamble on trying pre mix touch up with the just the paint code.

There are body shop supply stores that can mix up spray cans using the color chips to match the car. Or if you don't need spray, just touch up for chips or scratches, they can mix a small size can.

I think the body shop that did my mirrors and door handls said one quart was $60. He may have said pint and not quart, I don't remember that was a couple of years ago.

I went to find Duplicolor spray for the Driftwood paint on my wagon. They didn't have color codes older than 97 in the Duplicolor book and no cross reference for the Driftwood paint code on my spid lable. I just compared the lids on the cans with driftwood door handle and found the Duplicolor Lt.Driftwood even though the code didn't match looked the same. I was very surpised at how close the match was after painting the top of my Custom Cruiser bumper. Sometimes you just have to go with color comparison and ignore the paint codes.



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96greengray: Ya, I'm noticing that problem with Dupli-color... I'm gonna do the OTHER Crappy Tire which has 3x the selection of Dupli-color this one did, and maybe find DGGM "renamed" somewhere...

As far as mixing, I know NAPA can make me a spraybomb, but I dunno if Scott wants to pay an extra $40 for his model.

95CapWagon: thanks, but that's not DGGM... And if it's an American company, most of them won't ship dangerous goods (ie. explosive paint cans) to Canada.

edit: nm, I found the DGGM... But still, whether they ship to Canada or not...

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