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Are Drag radials "special compound"?

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From the ISSCA Autocross Rules page:

In the stock class only standard production DOT tires are allowed. “Special construction” or “Special compound” tires are not allowed in the Stock class. Tires can be of any size as fitted on stock size rims.

In the Prepared class only DOT labeled tires are allowed, including “special construction” or “special compound” tires. These tires include; BFG Comp T/A R, R1; Bridgestone Potenza RE71R, RE71RA, RE71RAZ, RE71S; General G; Goodyear S, GS-CS; Hoosier Autocrosser, Street TD; Kumho ECSTA 711R; Tires can be of any size as fitted on stock rims.

In the Modified class any DOT labeled tire is allowed.

In the Race class any tire is allowed.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

"Drag Radials" are not included in the list of "special compound" or "special construction" on the webpage.

Do the experts believe these should count as "special compound" tires since, they are considerably sticker than your average street tire?
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See my reply on your other thread asking this same question (aka, post it on ONE thread only!)
Two different subjects that go with each other kinda.

Let's see, if I were to put my stock swaybars back on then my car would have 7 points (bushings=1, 3.73s=3, programming=2, exhaust=1) keeping me in the "Prepared" class according to ISSCA rules. But if I had a pair of Nittos NT555Rs on the back aired up to 40+psi, I would have a small advantage over another racer with plain street tires and similar mods. Interesting :D

I also noticed there is no mention of transmission types in the points area. A person with a T56 would have an advantage over a stock tranny guy simply because it puts more power to the wheels. But that's another thread ;)
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by AutocroSSer:
See my reply on your other thread asking this same question (aka, post it on ONE thread only!)<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

First Question: Where's the other thread? I'ld kinda like to see the reply.

Second Question: If this in't in the other reply, is there an official list of special compound/construction tires? It can't be what's on the ISSCA site under Rules to Race By. That seems more a "sampling" than a definitive list.
Garry : the thread is here

And no, the list on the ISSCA rules is not intended to be all-inclusive. Rather, it is intended to be representative. You won't find a sanctioning body on the planet (or rather, one that isn't running a spec tire) that attempts to name ALL of the tires by name, rather they will go into a general description (i.e. DOT tires, treadwear rating LESS than 120, not drag compound).
I've already sold one of those pairs of drag radials. The other pair is sitting comfortably in the trunk of my Caprice.

I'm taking Ed's advice. If I do autocross, I'll do it on my street tires. I already have a pretty good idea on how they handle when taken to the limit ;)
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