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Maybe Harvey or anyone else can chime in here and give me a little guidance on how to start an Arkansas Chapter of ISSCA. I am noticing a lot more people from Arkansas joining the forum. I am not sure of how many people from Arkansas that are actually members of ISSCA, maybe Harvey can their info and maybe contact the off-forum members and guage interest. It would be a good idea to start a chapter so people in the area won't have to join other chapters and can attend meetings and get togethers. The ISSCA President does reside in Arkansas so it would be nice for us to be able to stay in the loop.

I am getting kinda bored with going to car shows and I am the only member of ISSCA there. I hate seeing these rice burner or truck clubs getting the "Best Club Participation trophy." It would be nice for ISSCA to get one.

Can someone provide guidance on the procedures on How-To start a chapter?

If anyone has interest you can post your interest also.

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I didn't even know that ISSCA had individual state chapters.
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