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Good armrests are difficult to come by. If yours have the frame in good shape and the tops are just peeling, you can use Gorilla glue to rehab them. Clean it like you were going to do surgery on it. Then, you put a generous amount of glue on the frame side, and dampen the foam side with water...use packaging tape, tightly wrap the vinyl against the frame, and let it set overnight. In the morning take the tape off, and if you did it right, you should have an armrest that looks almost like new.

If the frame is broken, the JY is about the only place you can find anything. Driver side is the hardest to find, and you may have to paint it to match. Passenger side is next, and you may still have to paint it to match. Rears are pretty easy to find, but you may have to paint to match.

I have a mustard tan DS with a couple of tabs broken, but the frame is not cracked, and the vinyl is in good condition. Depending on your interior color, you will have to paint to match.

Someone sells a reinforcement in the vendor's section which bolts over the armrest to clamp it in place. They are worth the money to protect your investment.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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