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Hey there all

I have had a couple of gentleman on here curious about the installation of this into our Caprices and Impalas, since the crash this info was lost and I am pretty sure that I made a post regarding this about a year ago. I will try to remember all that I can to help out anyone.

As far as what you need,

1.94-96 control head, mine is a 96 as there are some internal differences, at least this is what I was told, and it works better.
2. Mixing valve, electric unit that goes in place of the manual unit on the duct housing
3. electric vacuum solenoid, in place of the manual tubes from the control switch.
4. interior temp sensor and tube that is run behind the glove box, tube attachs to the upper portion of the blower housing to cause a vacuum affect to pull in cabin air so the system can read interior temp for auto control
5. Sun load sensor, goes in where the twilight sensor is under the dash vent, you will need a dash vent also from a 95 or 96 roady and modify it to fit in our dashes, or cut a hole for the sensor and put it in place
6. Exterior temp sensor, mounted in front of radiator.
7. blower control module, goes in place of the original blower resistor module mounted next to the blower in the duct.

Now as far as installation goes, it is easier to accomplish if you have the whole harness out of a Roady and just take out the wires that you need, but you can do the installation with just the connector ends and a bunch of splicing.
You will have to have a fair bit of electrical knowledge and ability to trace out information on the wiring diagrams

Take the dash apart to ease the installation, including both the upper and lower portions of it.

you will be cutting a square hole for the interior temp sensor tube in this plenum here on the right side and route the tube towards the glove box.

remove the original clitmate control assembly and the manual mixing valve that is shown here

Here is where this is mounted to it is about in the middle of the picture, has a post and a u shaped post coming out of the plenum

These are the posts that I added to mount the electric unit

This is the vacuum control module, you take out the original distribution block install this one in it's place, I would suggest that you take the vacuum hoses of one by one and replace them with the new ones, they are all the same color coding.

Here is the shot of the harness that I made to go into the dash, I just measure everything where it needed to go and went from there. It will take a little looking at the schematics and figuring out what you can reuse. The defroster relay on the original panel is mounted to the back of the original panel, so I just used the relay for the hi blower setting down by the blower assembly.

There are probably a hundred different ways to make the harness, so if you can get the harness out of a Roady I would do this as it would be 100 times easier than tracing out all the wires like I had to do.
Here is a shot of the climate control harness, I left in all the original wiring just incase I wanted to take it back to original

As far as the mounting in the original location, you are going to have to be creative cause the mounts on the new control don't work with our old ones and you will have to cut them off, I just cut apart the original control and used it's out portion and slide it on mine and mounted it to the dash

This pic shows how I routed the interior temp sensor tube

Also if you mount the vaccum module to the original location you will have to take a piece out of you glove box so that it will shut, or you can tie it up out of the way so that it doesn't hit it, if you don't want to mess with cutting the glove box. I cut mine, I will have to find a pic of that though.
This is how my mounted in the original location

Since then I made a sheetmetal bracket for my double din install and it came out like this.

I think that is it, if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Any updated pics of your double din with your climate control with the bezel?

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Place a link to the facebook Impala SS Forum. Work a shot.

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I suppose this is a dead thread now
No but I expect people are scared to help someone who is doing a major electrical modification without the diagrams. You have not told us what year car you are installing it on or the year of the parts you are installing.

I noticed the impala relay next to the blower fan isn't necessary for the new unit. Is that what is being used for the defrost? I can't find any Road Master def schematics for that relay to show me where/how it's applied.
The manual AC relay used on the Caprice (model upgrade Impala) provides direct power from a separately fused circuit to provide the most power to the blower. On the automatic AC this function is not available and maximum power is supplied by the blower control module you are installing.

Diagrams for the 1996 are on the Goldsswagon web site.
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