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Asking for your help in finding impala/caprice people in the greater toronto canada a

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Hi everyone. Been slaving away to save up enough to rebuild my CAPRICE and so havent been on much. I want to rebuild engine, body, interior, and anything that I can to give the carcass nee life.
I'm having trouble finding fans of our cars in the GREATER TORONTO, CANADA area. Posting ads as much as I can but still no serious replys.
I knew some of the members from the former TAISSO group but cant find anyone.
I'm looking for their help in advise of which mechanics/machine/body shops to go to in our area where I can get proper work done at an affordable cost.
I'd appreciate ANYONE who has connections in the GREATER TORONTO/MISSISSAUGA area to help me get hooked up with trustworthy people who can help me get my CAPRICE back in fightin shape.
Willing to trade any man power or skills I can give in whatever projects people might have.
Cars getting tough and I need to get him help really soon.
Please contact me.
Cheers, God bless.
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I have a similar problem up here in Winnipeg.
It's not too hard to find an engine builder or a shop that can do driveline and mechanical stuff.

But the whole autobody/painting thing is a different can of worms.

I think you'll have to visit or just talk to a bunch of different shops to get a feel for where they're at on these older vehicles.
Most places don't do anything but insurance claims and bolt on parts.
I had one shop that wouldn't even look at a small rust patch on my old Ford fox-body.
I ended up finding a guy on Kijiji who did a great job in his garage.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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