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Assistance with troubleshooting MAF

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Hey guys,

I have an issue with my mass airflow sensor. I have just received my tunercat cable and I'm reading data via $eehack (thanks for the tip @Marky Dissod)

I have also received my PCM back from a mail in tune.

My mass air flow reads 0.00g/s. I do have 12v and ground at the connector. I couldn't check the signal wire. (Its plugged in).

I have trouble codes/ CEL : "MALF 43c active" and ERR43(esc failure). I'm assuming this is the same as DTC 43 (knock sensor)?

Why am I reading nothing on the MAF but not getting DTC 48? Is this part of the tune?
The knock retard is at 0 deg. And a think im not receiving knocks.

Also oil temp is all red failled low.

Is this as simple as needing a new MAF sensor?
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Can flashHack load a tunercat.bin?
Are all .bin's the same?
No such thing as a TunerCAT .bin. A .bin file is a .bin file.

Peter, the tuned .bin file in your pcm is yours. You paid for it.
You can definitely read it out for yourself.
If you can read it from the pcm, maybe call it
pcmp_speednst.bin ?

Do you have TunerCAT or TunerPro yet?
FlashHack is for reading .bin files from & writing .bin files to pcms.
$EEhack is for diagnostics, and trying temporary experimental changes.
TunerPro is for editing .bin files (before loading them into a pcm with FlashHack).
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Looks like you were able to drain out the block though ... ?
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