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Assistance with troubleshooting MAF

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Hey guys,

I have an issue with my mass airflow sensor. I have just received my tunercat cable and I'm reading data via $eehack (thanks for the tip @Marky Dissod)

I have also received my PCM back from a mail in tune.

My mass air flow reads 0.00g/s. I do have 12v and ground at the connector. I couldn't check the signal wire. (Its plugged in).

I have trouble codes/ CEL : "MALF 43c active" and ERR43(esc failure). I'm assuming this is the same as DTC 43 (knock sensor)?

Why am I reading nothing on the MAF but not getting DTC 48? Is this part of the tune?
The knock retard is at 0 deg. And a think im not receiving knocks.

Also oil temp is all red failled low.

Is this as simple as needing a new MAF sensor?
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Yup, twice now. Hahah. Thanks Ultra Power! A quick google seach shows the 100kohm for a different chevy block, so maybe I should blame rock auto not ultra power. @Z09B4U . This builds his case most definatly.
Agreed, my fault for not testing before installing. They should be able to send the correct part though, even if cheap. AC delco on route.
From what I can tell, the 100kohm knock sensors are for 96 obd2, and 3.9kohm are for 95 obd1. I guess they mixed 'em up at the warehouse.

Car is all good now!
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21 - 23 of 42 Posts