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Assistance with troubleshooting MAF

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Hey guys,

I have an issue with my mass airflow sensor. I have just received my tunercat cable and I'm reading data via $eehack (thanks for the tip @Marky Dissod)

I have also received my PCM back from a mail in tune.

My mass air flow reads 0.00g/s. I do have 12v and ground at the connector. I couldn't check the signal wire. (Its plugged in).

I have trouble codes/ CEL : "MALF 43c active" and ERR43(esc failure). I'm assuming this is the same as DTC 43 (knock sensor)?

Why am I reading nothing on the MAF but not getting DTC 48? Is this part of the tune?
The knock retard is at 0 deg. And a think im not receiving knocks.

Also oil temp is all red failled low.

Is this as simple as needing a new MAF sensor?
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Agreed, my fault for not testing before installing. They should be able to send the correct part though, even if cheap. AC delco on route.
From what I can tell, the 100kohm knock sensors are for 96 obd2, and 3.9kohm are for 95 obd1. I guess they mixed 'em up at the warehouse.

Car is all good now!
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41 - 42 of 42 Posts