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Atco Dragway Fri night street cars

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Heading to South Jersey's Atco Dragway tomorrow night for their street cars test & tune Fri. night racing.
Think I'll run my mostly stock '96 Roady wagon just for the fun of it :wink2: $20 to race. Anyone else? Temps under 80 degrees should be a blast!
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We usually go on Tuesday if we head out. We being myself and a bunch of random cars I hang with occasionally. I haven't been on a Friday night in ages. Usually a ton of dumb kids in their crap that breaks all the time. I mean they have every right to be there, it just gets annoying is all.

However, have you ever checked out or even aware of ECIRS? If not, We're a bunch of racers that get together about 10 times a year and bracket race all over the east coast. They're up at Island tomorrow evening, but I'll be working.
Yeah, no way to tell if anyone, young or not will blow a trans, engine, etc and leak oil or anti freeze on the track.
Atco is closest to my house. I've run Maple Grove ,Englishtown, Beach Bend and some small time 1/8 mile tracks too.
This season marks the 40th year (inclusive) I've been blasting down Atco's 1320. :eek:
Boy that place sure has changed since 1977!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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