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Eric, I don't know if you're ignoring the 200 mph thread since it move to the cabaret, but some good info did get posted;
Originally posted by Quick 'n' Dirty:
[QB] The guy you need to talk to is Heinz Schenk his e-mail address is [email protected].
He has (or at least had) a turbo Impala that used to run 190+MPH on the Autobahn. He used to subscribe to some of the Impala mailing lists but I haven't seen anything from him in quite a while.
BTW he works for MovIt who sells the Brembo brake kits for our cars.
There are some pics of his car on their web site but I can't find any detailed specs on his car.
Actually, I did find something, go here for some details. If you can't find Heinz, Nick Mahler from Maco Motorsports might be able to add more info.

Just to add, Heinz's forum name is coolchevy.
Hope this helps.
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