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ATTN: Mark Evans - Centerfold

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Let me be the first to congratulate you on your article in the SScene. Nice looking family; car's too!

Question: The wheels on your Wagon - sure would like to see a better picture of those as what I can see in the centerfold has captured my attention. Do I detect a knock-off/spinner center cap?

If you would send me a couple pics, link, or a reference to get a better look. Also what are your wheel and tire numbers?

Contact me at [email protected] as soon as you can if possible as I'll be buying new rims and tires for another car next week as well as a set of tires for the BeaSSt - and I might be able to swing a deal with the tire shop on "Two" sets of rims and tires.

Thnx Mark, and again congrats on making it into the SScene. Your rides justify it. SSweet!

doug/bbhp 0037
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